Running Cypress in Continuous Integration (CI)

One of Cypress's most essential and powerful use cases is having it run in your CI/CD pipeline. This way, every time you make a change to your codebase, your CI Pipeline will automatically run all of your Cypress tests to ensure that nothing has broken in your application. We have extensive documentation on using Cypress in CI and how to integrate it with various CI providers.

What is Continuous Integration (CI)

Introduction to Continuous Integration

We have an extensive guide covering everything you need to know about using Cypress in CI. You can find that guide here.

Integrating Cypress with various CI Providers

In our docs, we have several examples and guides on integrating Cypress with some of the most popular CI providers.

Cypress Cloud

Cypress Cloud increases test velocity while giving total visibility into tests running in your CI pipeline. It also provides automatic parallelization and load balancing, so your tests run incredibly fast.

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Cypress Cloud provides automatic parallelization and load balancing for your tests.